Dan Patrick Border Champion


Below are several images from his recent trip to visit the Texas Border Volunteers in Brooks County and a list of several bills he authored, co-authored, or co-sponsored to make our border more secure.


  • Rescue-beacon-in-3-languages-271×300
    The federal government has installed these rescue beacons along popular routes for illegal immigrants to protect them. Are you surprised to see the Chinese language on here?
  • Urdu 052513
    This is an Urdu dictionary found by border volunteers that was dropped by a human smuggler. It is concerning that Mexican coyotes are learning Urdu in order to smuggle illegal immigrants?
  • Tour of Brooks County
    Tour of Brooks County with Dr. Mike Vickers
  • 2013-10-05 15.22.50
    In the home of Dr. Vickers with The Border Volunteers & local law enforcement.
  • 2013-10-05 15.24.35
    Dan and a thermal image of illegal immigrants.
  • 2013-10-05 15.44.52
    Sheriff Rey Rodriguez and Deputy Chief, Benny Martinez.
  • 2013-10-05 17.05.48
    A fence torn down by illegal immigrants.
  • 2013-10-05 17.12.51
    Brooks County border checkpoint, the busiest in the country!
  • 2013-10-05 17.24.35



Demand Reimbursement from Federal Government

*SCR 6 (2013)- Demands reimbursement by federal government for border security costs (Dan co-authored).

Proclaims Texas’ dissatisfaction with the federal government’s inadequate efforts to secure the Texas-Mexico international border. Urges the Congress of the United States to reimburse the State of Texas in the amount of $221,600,000 for bearing the financial burden of the federal government’s responsibility to secure the Texas-Mexico international border. (Did not pass)

Prohibit Sanctuary Cities

  • *SB 358 (2009)– Prohibits Sanctuary Cities (by Dan Patrick)

States that a local governmental entity may not enact a policy under which the entity will not fully enforce federal immigration laws. It further provides that if a local entity adopts such a policy, a private citizen will be able to file a writ of mandamus to compel compliance. The entity may also lose state grant funds if it adopts such a policy. (Did not pass)

  • *HB 12 (2011)– Prohibited Sanctuary cities (Dan Co-sponsored).

The bill prohibits certain local government entities from undertaking certain actions that would restrict the enforcement of state and federal immigration law and by allowing the filing of a related citizen complaint. (Did not pass)

  • *SB 124 (2011)– Prohibits Sanctuary cities (by Dan Patrick)

The bill prohibits certain local government entities from undertaking certain actions that would restrict the enforcement of state and federal immigration law and by allowing the filing of a related citizen complaint. (Did not pass)

  • *SB 14 (2013(3))- Prohibits Sanctuary cities (by Dan Patrick)

The bill prohibits certain local government entities from undertaking certain actions that would restrict the enforcement of state and federal immigration law and by allowing the filing of a related citizen complaint. (Did not pass)

Increase Penalties on Illegal Immigration

  • *SB 773 (2007)– Made illegal immigration a state crime (by Dan Patrick)

Would have created the offense of criminal trespass by illegal aliens (Class B) and prescribed certain procedures for arresting illegal aliens suspected of committing criminal offenses. (Did not pass)

  • *HB 260 (2011)– Enhances penalties for human smuggling (Dan Sponsored).

Enhances state human smuggling laws to 2nd degree felony. (Passed)

  • *SB 394 (2011)– Created a new offense for unlawful transport of illegal aliens (by Dan Patrick)

Would have created an offense of unlawful transport of an undocumented person. (Did not pass) 

Discourage Illegal Hiring Practices

  • *SB 357 (2009)– Prohibits knowing employment of illegal aliens (by Dan Patrick)

Would create a prohibition against the knowing employment of persons not lawfully present in the United States and the suspension of licenses held by certain employers for the knowing employment of those persons. (Did not pass)

  • *SB 30 (2013 (1)– Prohibits the knowing employment of illegals (by Dan Patrick)

Would prohibit the knowing employment of unauthorized foreign nationals and to creation of a biennial report regarding reported violations. (Did not pass)

Remove social enticements to illegals

  • SB 268 (2007)- Wire transfer fee revenue to fund border security.


Placed a fee on the wire transfer of small amounts of money outside the United States and dedicates the revenue to fund increased border security. (Did not pass)


  • *SB 1464 (2007)– Canceled voter registration of non-citizens (Dan joint authored)

Would cancel voter registrations for non-U.S. citizens. Requires the secretary of state to cancel an individual’s voter registration immediately after receiving the list of persons excused from jury summons due to noncitizenship. This bill also requires the county registrar to send a written notice to those who have had their voter registration cancelled. (Did not pass) 


  • *SB 1784 (2009)-Required lawful presence for getting a driver’s license (Dan  co-authored).

Would have required citizenship or lawful presence in the United States for issuance of a driver’s license, personal identification certificate, commercial driver’s license, or commercial driver learner’s permit. (Did not pass)

Enable local law enforcement

  • *HB 13 (2007)-Created Border Security Council (Dan co-sponsored).

Would have improved homeland security in Texas by creating the Border Security Council, appointed by the governor. The bill provides that DPS has the primary responsibility to analyze and disseminate criminal intelligence information and to develop and operate a comprehensive intelligence database. Additionally, the bill authorizes private institutions of higher education to increase the security of their campuses and enforcement of state and local law. (Did not pass)

  • *SB 1840 (2007)- Protected the right of law enforcement to inquire into immigration status (by Dan Patrick)

Protected the authority of a peace officer to inquire into the immigration status of certain persons after arrest of lawful detention. (Did not pass)

  • *SB 268 (2007)-Placed a fee on money wired outside of US to fund border initiatives (by Dan Patrick)

Provided for an assessment of a 10 percent wire transfer fee on amounts up to $5,000 bound for foreign countries. This bill entitles U.S. citizens who pay this transfer fee to apply for a refund of the fee through the office of the comptroller of public accounts. Collected funds go into a border security account and authorizes its appropriation solely by the governor’s office for programs and initiatives to secure Texas’ international border. (Did not pass)

  • *SB 11 (2009) – Gang enforcement bill (Dan co-authored).

Provides for criminal and civil penalties and enforcement options for individuals committing offenses related to gang activity; addresses post-conviction and post-adjudication provisions, provisions relating to an offense of graffiti, and matters relating to driver’s license restriction; provides for the electronic monitoring of certain criminal street gang members; and creates gang- free zones. (Did not pass)

  • *SB 2584 (2009)– Required jails to determine citizenship status (by Dan Patrick)

Would require a sheriff or other officer in charge of a correctional facility to make a reasonable effort to determine a citizen’s status, if that defendant received in the facility has been convicted of certain felonies. (Did not pass)

  • *SB 9 (2011)– Immigration Omnibus Bill (Dan joint authored).

The bill contains three main parts: a prohibition on sanctuary cities; required use of secure communities; and statutory authority for DPS to authenticate lawful presence when issuing state identification or driver’s licenses. (Did not pass)

  • *SB 126 (2011)– Requires law enforcement to inquire into lawful presence (by Dan Patrick)

The duty and authority of a peace officer to inquire into the lawful presence of certain persons. (Did not pass)

  • *SB 288 (2011)– Authorizes southbound checkpoints along border (Dan Co-authored).

Would authorize DPS to operate one or more southbound vehicle checkpoints near the international border of Texas for the purpose of preventing certain criminal offenses. (Did not pass)

  • *SB 947 (2011)– Allows Border Patrol officers to arrest, search and seizure under the laws of Texas (by Dan Patrick)

The bill would grant a Customs and Border Protection Officer or Border Patrol Agent of the United States Customs and Border Protection or an immigration enforcement agent or deportation officer of the Department of Homeland Security the powers of arrest, search, and seizure under the laws of Texas as to felony offenses. (Did not pass)