Don’t mess with Texas

February 22, 2017

On Friday, I talked with a columnist at Fox News about the NFL and NBA’s efforts to interfere with Texas values and Texas policies.  It looks like the NBA and the NFL have lost their minds, as well as their moral compass. They are shaking in their sneakers because they’re so afraid of political correctness. Read the full story here.

I got to see my good friend Laura Ingraham and be on her show this past week. If you missed it, you can listen to the show here.


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On Thursday, I spoke with Neil Cavuto on Fox News about President Trump’s constitutional immigration order.  Here’s a clip from the show:


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Thank you for supporting the fight to keep Texans safe.

Super Bowl LI and Legislative Updates

February 7, 2017
I talked with FOX 26 Houston on Saturday about Super Bowl LI and our conservative legislative priorities in the Texas Senate. Watch and share my interview here.

Fox 26

Last week we came together for Governor Greg Abbott’s State of the State address. In his address, he declared Sanctuary Cities, Ethics Reform, Child Protective Services and the Convention of States emergency items. Watch and share my full remarks here.

State Of The State

Updates on Conservative Priorities in the Texas Legislature

Senate Bill 4 – Sanctuary Cities passed out of the State Affairs Committee early Friday morning about 1 a.m. The vote was 7 to 2. The bill now moves to the Senate for a full vote.

I want to commend the Chairman of State Affairs Committee, Senator Joan Huffman, for her leadership during the public hearing. She and the Committee conducted a respectful and orderly public meeting that included 16 hours of public testimony. Unfortunately, the hearing was often marred by opponents of the Sanctuary Cities Bill who tried to disrupt the proceedings. However, key Republican Texas Senators did not waiver in their support for this critical bill.

I also want to thank Senator Charles Perry, author of the Sanctuary Cities Bill, for his tireless work on this legislation. Senate Bill 4, was one of my highest priorities this session. And I want to thank Governor Greg Abbott for allowing us to act on this legislation more quickly. Watch and share my full statement on Senate Bill 4 – Sanctuary Cities here.

Sanctuary Cities

Earlier last week the State Affairs Committee also passed out Senate Bill 14 – the Ethics Reform bill. It is the most significant ethics reform in decades to pass and will also come to the full Senate for a vote this week.

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We are hard at work in the Texas Senate early in the Legislative Session on important issues facing Texas.

Giving Texans School Choice

January 31, 2017
Too many Texas schoolchildren are trapped in failing schools – it’s time to change that.

Last week I joined other lawmakers and many Texans on the steps of the Capitol for the Texas School Choice Rally. I believe every child in Texas should have access to a high-quality public education, and I was proud to speak about what the Texas Senate will do this session to make this become a reality.

United For Choice


I joined Senator Larry Taylor, R – Friendswood, yesterday to announce the filing of Senate Bill 3 – School Choice. Watch and share my statement below.



Additional Conservative Priorities in the Texas Legislature


I joined Senator Van Taylor, R-Plano, on Thursday morning for the filing of Senate Bill 14 – Ethics Reform. Ethics reform is one of my top priorities so that government – at all levels – can continue to inspire the public’s trust in a transparent and ethically principled manner. Senate Bill 14 is an important bill that will strengthen Texas ethics laws. Watch and share my video on SB 14 – Ethics Reform here.



This legislative session, Texas is going to continue to improve our workforce and prepare students to be successful in today’s competitive and rapidly changing economy. Last week Senate Education Chair Larry Taylor, R – Friendswood, filed Senate Bill 22 – P-TECH. Senate Bill 22 is built on a partnership between school districts, higher education institutions and business employers. Read my full statement on Senate Bill 22 here.

This week in the Texas Legislature

We look forward to coming together for Governor Abbott’s State of the State address today where he will outline his priorities and emergency items for the 85th Legislative Session. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on our conservative priorities.

Thank you for supporting our fight to expand and preserve the conservative values Texas was built on.

Thoughts on the Inauguration

January 24, 2017
It is a new day in America.  On Friday, January 20th, 2017, in the brief 30 seconds it took to swear in Donald John Trump as the 45th President of the United States, a massive government complex, complete with over a million public servants, the most powerful military in the world, and all of the property and infrastructure of the federal government, was turned over peacefully to our new President.  The inauguration was an amazing event and a tribute to the enduring strength of our democracy.  I was very proud to be there.

In that brief 30 seconds, there was a total shift in the philosophy, ideology and vision – a 180 degree change – in our leadership from the former President to the new President.

This was the second presidential inauguration I have attended.  My first was the last Republican President sworn in, George W Bush, on a cold, snowy day in 2005.

I knew President Bush a little bit.  I was still doing a daily radio show when he was Governor, but I know our new President on a more personal basis.  As Chair of the Texas Trump Campaign I campaigned with him several times when he was in the state.  I also got to know his son, Don, Jr. during that time and we have kept in touch since the election.

Trump’s inaugural address was not a normal political speech.  He doubled down on the promises he made when he was running and reassured his supporters that he was not going to be a politician who says one thing to get elected and does another after getting into office.  He told those sitting behind him – including Congress – that business as usual was over.  The Republicans in Congress that I spoke with while I was in Washington were very excited that change is finally coming.

He told the world that America will be strong again and that his priority will be to put the people of our country first.  He stood on the steps of the nation’s capitol and said the words former President Obama and Hillary Clinton had refused to say – that he is committed to eradicating radical Islamic terrorism.

When Trump put his hand on Abraham Lincoln’s Bible (which was atop another Bible his mother had given him) and took the oath of office, I felt so proud of the American people.  Sure, winning the election was a personal success for Trump, but it was a triumph for the people of this country.  It was their victory.  The silent majority spoke up.  Reagan Democrats, Conservative Christians, independents, and Republicans finally showed up in the numbers needed to take our country back.

Trump stood for all of them.  There were millions of hands on that Bible, not just his. He said the words, but it was the people’s voice that we heard. It was a great day for Donald J. Trump, but it was an even greater day for the people of America, who said to Washington, enough is enough – we want to begin a new day in America.  Now, that journey begins.

The First Week

January 17, 2017
As the Capitol welcomed legislators from all over the state of Texas last week, I was proud to gavel-in the opening of the Texas Senate for the 85th session of the Texas Legislature. Our state faces many challenges this session, but I have great confidence in the commitment of the hard-working senators of this state and the people of Texas who elected them. In all our deliberations, maintaining our conservative principles and protecting Texas values will be our top priority.

I was honored to discuss some of our top priorities for this session last week during the opening keynote for Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Policy Orientation. TPPF President Brooke Rollins introduces the other senators that were present as well as me before the speech begins. Here’s the link:


Conservative Priorities in the Texas Legislature

Last week Senator Kelly Hancock, R – North Richland Hills, filed one of our top legislative priorities Senate Bill 9 – Reforming the Spending Cap. The people of Texas elected us to produce a conservative budget that ensures taxpayer dollars are spent wisely and that the size of state government does not exceed increases in inflation times our population growth.  SB 9 puts that commitment into law and ensures that the state of Texas continues to live within our means. Read my full statement here.

Last year, Texas lost more law enforcement officers in the line of duty than any other state in America. Some of these senseless tragedies could have been prevented if these law enforcement officers had been outfitted with protective vests capable of stopping high-caliber bullets. I have made it a priority this legislative session to pass Senate Bill 12, which will give all Texas officers on patrol bulletproof vests that can withstand rifle rounds.  I commend Senator Royce West, D-Dallas, for filing this important bill to help protect our brave men and women in law enforcement who risk their lives every day to protect us. Read my full statement on the filing of SB 12 here.

I also sat down for a one-hour interview with the Texas Tribune last week to discuss the 85th Texas Legislative Session. Click below to watch the full conversation.

Texas Tribune

Thank you for your support as we continue the fight for conservative principles and Texas values during this legislative session.

Patrick Announces 2018 Reelection Campaign

January 10, 2017

AUSTIN – Dan Patrick, Texas Lieutenant Governor held a news conference at Republican Party of Texas headquarters in Austin today.

“I am officially announcing my bid for reelection to the office of Lieutenant Governor in 2018. All speculation to the contrary is false and malicious.

“When our campaign finance report is filed next week, we will show more the $13.6 million cash on hand, having raised nearly $5 million since mid‐year. We are well positioned to conduct an aggressive campaign.

“I am announcing my endorsement of Greg Abbott for reelection as Governor of Texas. We have a strong working relationship and he is my conservative ally,” Patrick concluded.

More information about Texans for Dan Patrick is available at


Support the Texas Privacy Act

January 9, 2017
In less than a week I will gavel in the Texas Senate as the 85th Session of the Texas Legislature begins. Even before the session starts, the left is in full-on assault mode trying to kill our top conservative priorities.  Have no doubt that I will stand our ground and protect our conservative principles including life, liberty and our firm belief that a lean and efficient government is essential to promote business growth and prosperity for all.


This week Senator Lois Kolkhorst, R-Brenham and I announced the filing of Senate Bill 6 – the Texas Privacy Act.  Despite what you have seen in the media about this legislation – which has been largely inaccurate and misinformed – this bill does three things:


Lt. Governor Patrick and Sen. Lois Kolkhorst announce the filing of the Texas Privacy Act.


 – It codifies what has long been common practice in Texas and everywhere else — that men and women should use separate, designated bathrooms. We will not allow local ordinances to create laws that will make it easier for sexual predators to enter restrooms and victimize women — or anyone.
– It protects free enterprise by ensuring that businesses have the freedom to determine their own bathroom policies for their business and cannot be deprived of that right by local governments who want to institute bathroom policies they don’t want.
– It ensures that no public school can institute a bathroom policy that allows boys to go in girls’ restrooms, locker rooms or showers and girls to go in boys’ restrooms, locker rooms or showers.
An overwhelming majority of Texans support this legislation including both Democrats and Republicans, Hispanics, African-Americans and Anglos, men and women.


The Texas Privacy Act provides a civil remedy for parents when their child comes home – as they have in Texas – and tells their parents that there was a child of the opposite sex in the school bathroom.  To protect children, particularly teenagers, schools will be required to designate bathrooms for boys only and girls only.  Schools will be able to continue to accommodate those students who don’t want to go to the boys or girls bathroom by providing a single bathroom for them – just as they have always done.


This issue is not about discrimination — it’s about public safety, particularly for teenagers and children in public schools and protecting businesses.  The Texas Privacy Act is also about common sense and common decency. I congratulate Sen. Kolkhorst for filing the Texas Privacy Act and for her commitment to protecting the privacy of Texans and keeping them safe.


To learn more about the Texas Privacy Act listen to my interview on Washington Watch with Tom Perkins below:


Fight back and show your support for the Texas Privacy Act by signing the petition and sharing why you believe that no Texas law should allow men in women’s restrooms or women in men’s restrooms. Click the image below to show your support.


/Users/paigevelasquez/Desktop/LG Graphics/Patrick_SB6_CTA.png


Thank you for your support on this effort and our other conservative priorities as we begin the 2017 legislative session. Click here for our top 25 legislative priorities.

Looking back on 2016

December 30, 2016

Before we launch into the 2017 Legislative Session, I want to take a moment to look back on 2016, which was an incredible year.

Like many of you, I began last winter campaigning for Ted Cruz in the bitter cold of Iowa — I went on to South Carolina and then to Nevada.  As Texas Chair of Ted’s campaign, I met hundreds of great conservatives across the country.  It was very clear, even early in the year, that the people were ready for change.  

In April, I visited Israel for the first time.  I had the honor of meeting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the opportunity to be baptized in the Jordan River.  That is a moment I will never forget.



In June, after Ted left the race, I became Texas Chair of the Trump for President campaign and was proud to announce the Texas presidential primary vote at the National GOP Convention in Cleveland.


I campaigned hard for Trump in Texas and I am so proud that he won a resounding victory in our state — and that he is going to be our next president.


2016 was also the year that our hearts were broken when five police officers lost their lives in Dallas.  Those brave officers were targeted for doing their job and were shot while protecting those who were protesting against them.


Photo from

We’ve lost another 13 officers who were killed on duty in 2016 in Texas alone.

I am always outspoken in my support for law enforcement and after the shooting, I was vocal with my frustration with those who show more sympathy toward those who attack our police than they do toward our officers — including, at times, President Obama.  After the shooting I was invited to Washington to appear with the President and others in an ABC News Town Hall where I had the opportunity to personally talk to the President.  Among other things, I asked him to turn blue lights on the White House, as he had for other groups to show the nation’s support for law enforcement.  He didn’t do it then and has yet to do so.


In November, I convened a summit of faith leaders in Austin to activate churches throughout the state to help recruit foster parents for the 27,000 children who are in foster care.  This program has the potential to help us take care of the children in our state who are at risk of neglect and abuse.  If your church is not involved, I urge you to checkout this program.  It is an opportunity to put faith into action.  Click here to learn more.

Looking forward to 2017, I have announced my top 25 priorities for this legislative session. Property taxes, school choice, sanctuary cities, women’s privacy in restrooms and protecting businesses from government interference on their bathroom policies are at the top of the list.  All of my priorities reflect my commitment to the conservative principles of maintaining an efficient government, reducing taxes, increasing parental rights and protecting our Texas values.

I will be fighting to pass this legislation beginning in January and it will not be easy.  Texas has had a tough economic year.  I will have strong opposition on issues like cutting taxes, school choice, photo voter ID, sanctuary cities and protecting women’s privacy.  But you can rest assured that I will not back down from the fight.  The vast majority of Texans want us to take action on all these issues.

I pray that our country, our great state and each of you are blessed greatly in the New Year.

I appreciate your continued support. It is an honor and a privilege to serve you.

God bless you and God bless Texas.


A Great Week For Texas

December 20, 2016
This was a great week for Texas. I was so proud that President-elect Trump nominated two Texans to his cabinet and I am especially pleased that my good friend, Rick Perry, will be heading the U.S. Department of Energy. This puts him in a position to move the entire country onto the path we have followed in Texas, with cutting edge energy policies that effectively utilize our energy resources while leading the way on renewable energy options. In Texas, we know this means business growth, innovation and, most importantly, jobs.

There were many reasons that I campaigned hard for Donald Trump in Texas. The Supreme Court and border security were critical, but energy was also near top of my list. I knew that having a Democrat in the White House for four more years would devastate our oil and gas industry. In conversations with President-elect Trump and his team, it is clear that he understands that too, which is why Rick Perry is the perfect choice. Rick will remove the shackles the Democrats have put on our energy sector and assure that America effectively reaches its energy potential.

When I am speaking around the state, I frequently say that “Texas is what the rest of America wants to be.” There is no better way to move the country forward than by putting Texas leaders in key positions. The appointments of Rick Perry to Energy and Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State are not just good for Texas, they are good for America.

Conservative Priorities in the Texas Legislature
Last week Senator Joan Huffman, R-Houston, filed one of my top legislative priorities SB 13 – the Union Dues bill. This legislation will ensure that taxpayer funds are not used to support the collection of union dues. Collecting dues is clearly not the role of government, and it certainly should not be done at taxpayer expense. This bill places government in its appropriate neutral position and lets unions collect their own membership dues. You can read my full statement here.

In 2016, Texas has had more law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty than any state When we lose one of these committed officers, we must help their families, who must move forward without them. Last week, Senator Donna Campbell, R-New Braunfels, and members of the San Antonio Senatorial delegation filed Joint Resolution 1 – First Responder Property Tax Relief, which, along with Senate Bill 15 by Senator Don Huffines, R-Dallas, and the Dallas Senatorial delegation, will eliminate property taxes for the surviving spouses of officers who are killed in the line of duty, as we do for our veterans. Dallas, of course, lost 5 police officers in the line of duty in July and a San Antonio officer was killed in the line of duty last month. This legislation is one way we can show our tremendous gratitude. Read my full statement on the filing of Senate Joint Resolution 1 here.

#BacktheBlue Christmas Ornament Giveaway
Thank you for showing your support for the Texas men and women in law enforcement last week by entering our #BacktheBlue Christmas Ornament Giveaway. The winner has been notified and will receive their “Back the Blue” Christmas ornament soon. I’d love to see how you are showing your support for Texas first responders this Christmas. Post your pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #BacktheBlueChristmas.

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Thank you for joining me to support our Texas first responders.

Remembering Our Heroes

December 13, 2016

Last Wednesday marked the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor where more than 2,000 Americans lost their lives. We took time on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day to honor the heroes who lost their lives that day in that surprise attack.  We must never forget that the freedoms we enjoy today were hard fought and won, with the ultimate sacrifice of the patriots at Pearl Harbor and many others.

Thinking about our freedoms and our great democracy made it particularly disheartening to read the stories about an Electoral College elector from Texas who is making national news for not keeping his word.  When Christopher Suprun ran to represent Texas voters in the Electoral College, he agreed to support the presidential candidate who won the majority of votes in Texas. Now he’s saying he will not vote for President-elect Trump, who won Texas by nine points.

Suprun’s decision to disregard the will of Texas voters has prompted me to ask the legislature to consider creating a law that will require our Electoral College electors to follow the will of the voters. 29 other states already have this law and Texas needs to become the 30th!

We must always do everything we can to ensure the integrity of our elections. I was interviewed about this last week on the radio. You can hear the interview here.

#BacktheBlue Christmas Ornament Giveaway

As we enter the holiday season, I ask that you keep all our law enforcement men and women in your prayers. Sadly, there will be many families and friends of law enforcement officers who will be celebrating Christmas without their loved ones for the first time this year.

Texas has had more law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty than any state.  That’s why I made Protective Vests for Police (Senate Bill 12) a top legislative priority for the Legislative Session that begins in January.  Our police officers work hard every day to keep us safe. We must do everything we can that will help make them safer.  If SB 12 becomes law, it will help provide police with protective vests capable of stopping high-caliber bullets.

This year we hung ornaments on our Christmas tree in the Senate Chamber honoring our men and women in law enforcement.  To help others show their support this Christmas, I’m giving away a “Back the Blue” Christmas ornament. Click the image below to enter the giveaway before Wednesday, Dec. 14 at noon.
Thank you for supporting our Texas men and women in law enforcement.

P.S. I spoke at the annual Robson Ranch Republican Club Christmas party this week.  Great to see good friends and fellow conservatives.