Lt. Governor Patrick Statement on Federal Judge Blocking Obama’s Transgender Policy

August 22, 2016

AUSTIN – U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor issued a nationwide preliminary injunction to block President Obama’s bathroom directive issued days before schools closed for the summer last spring. This injunction is a victory for Texas and every school district in the nation. If the president’s edict had not been opposed, public schools would have been forced to allow students to enter whatever bathroom, locker room or shower facility they chose or risk the loss of federal funding.

Last June, I said Texas would not be black-mailed by the president who threatened the loss of education funding to get school districts to comply with his order. I sent a letter to every school district in the state urging them not to enact the president’s policy and, instead, wait for the legal process to conclude. I also stood up against a Fort Worth ISD policy that mirrored the president’s policy on this issue. The district pulled their policy down last month.

Schools districts have handled this issue on a case-by-case basis in the past and with this ruling can continue to do so without threats from Washington. There are already school policies in place that provide protection for any student who is bullied.

I hope the Court decision is the beginning of the end of this wrong-headed policy that ignores the basic privacy and security needs of every student, defies common sense, common decency and the will of the vast majority of parents and taxpayers in America.

Lt. Governor Patrick’s Stand on Religious Liberty Protections

August 16, 2016

AUSTIN – In February I asked Attorney General Paxton for an opinion on the constitutionality of Montgomery County Judge Wayne Mack’s volunteer-led chaplaincy program and ceremonial court room prayer. My request stemmed from a complaint filed against Judge Wayne Mack and my continuing efforts to protect religious liberties in Texas.

Today, in response to my request, General Paxton issued an opinion affirming the constitutionality of these programs. This is a sure victory for religious liberty in Texas.

This opinion goes a long way in providing the necessary clarity to Judge Mack, and judges throughout Texas, of constitutionally appropriate court room prayer and volunteer-led chaplaincy programs.

As Lt. Governor, I will continue to fight for religious liberty across the state.

Lt. Governor Patrick Announces Appointment to Legislative Committee on Aging

August 12, 2016

AUSTIN – Today, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick appointed Sen. Donna Campbell to the Legislative Committee on Aging.

“As the average age expectancy increases across our state, we must continue to look for ways to improve the quality of life for our senior citizens,” said Patrick. “I know Sen. Campbell will continue to make our aging population’s needs a top priority.”

The Legislative Committee on Aging studies issues relating to the aging population of Texas, including health care, income, transportation, housing, education, and employment. It makes recommendations on how best to address these issues. Sen. Campbell will join Sen. Eduardo A. “Eddie” Lucio Jr., who is currently serving on the committee.

Patrick Reminds Officers “We’ve Got Your Back”

August 9, 2016

DALLAS – Dan Patrick, Texas Lt. Governor, followed through on his promise to the Dallas peace officers and the Assist the Officer Foundation, delivering a check for $45,000 he raised in support of the families of fallen and wounded officers. The Lt. Governor presented the check in Dallas Tuesday at a news conference that included Frederick Frazier, Chairman of the Assist the Officer Foundation and Ron Pinkston, President of the Dallas Police Association.

 “On the night of Thursday, July 7 the eyes of the world were focused on a horrific tragedy. The targeted killing of 5 police officers.

 “I arrived in Dallas in the early morning hours to talk to fellow officers, families, and friends of those heroes who gave their lives that night. I spent much of the next week attending services, visiting with grieving families.

 “The Assist the Officer Foundation exists to help the families of fallen and wounded officers. I spoke to Fred directly and pledged to help support their fundraising.

 “The funerals and memorial services are over. Dallas Police Department has returned to the routine work they do around the clock – serving and protecting.

 “To the men and women who wear a badge, I say: we’ve got your back.

 “To the families of the fallen, I say: the memory of your loved one, the sacrifice he made, will not be forgotten. Not by me, and not by a grateful city and a grateful state.

 “My wife Jan and I made the first contribution. This check represents the contributions of many more who stand with law enforcement in Dallas, in Texas, and around the world.”

Media Advisory

August 8, 2016

AUSTIN – Lt. Governor Dan Patrick will hold a press conference with Frederick Frazier, Assist the Officer Foundation Chairman and Ron Pinkston, Dallas Police Association President.

WHO:              Dan Patrick, Texas Lt. Governor

                        Ron Pinkston, Dallas Police Association President

                        Frederick Frazier, Assist the Officer Foundation Chairman

WHAT:            News Conference

WHERE:          Dallas Police Association

                         1412 Griffin St E

                         Dallas, TX 75215

WHEN:            10:00am

                         Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Lt. Governor Patrick Statement on Zika Virus Update

August 3, 2016

AUSTIN – As the U.S. sees an increase in Zika virus cases, particularly with the cases of local transmission in Florida, Texas continues to be proactive in its efforts to control this devastating virus.

 Several months ago, I asked Senator Charles Schwertner, Chairman of Health and Human Services, to hold a special hearing on Zika. It was important to me that Texas be as prepared as possible for this fast spreading virus.

 With 90 confirmed cases of travel-related Zika virus in Texas, the state is working closely with federal and local partners to minimize the impact of Zika on the state.

 Texas received approval of just over $6 million in federal funding to assist with Zika preparedness and response efforts, including funding for Zika response teams, epidemiology and laboratory capacity and birth defects surveillance.

 I will continue to work with state health officials to ensure an effective and swift response to this public health threat. Additional information about the state’s response to the Zika virus can be found at:

Lt. Governor Patrick Statement on Big 12 Expansion

August 3, 2016

AUSTIN – Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick released the following statement regarding the possible expansion of the Big 12 NCAA athletic conference:

 “The start of the school year means football season is upon us. As a former sportscaster I know that Texans take their football seriously, and so do I.

 “I previously commented about my support for the University of Houston’s desire to join the Big 12. For many of the same reasons, I also support the inclusion of SMU.

“The impact to Texas would be big.

 “Dallas and Houston are top TV markets and the Big 12 would be foolish to leave SMU and U of H on the sidelines. The economic impact to the state and to the schools is significant.

 “I urge the Big 12 to carefully consider the addition of these two fine schools and all they have to offer.

 “I hope Baylor University, Texas Christian University, the University of Texas and Texas Tech University will join me in supporting the addition of these two Texas schools. And, I trust these two schools will support each other.”

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick: Remarks to the Delegation Breakfast

July 21, 2016

(CLEVELAND, OH) Lt Governor Dan Patrick issued the following statement following the breakfast meeting of the Texas delegation at the Republican National Convention today:

“There were some mixed feelings and some hurt feelings in the Texas delegation today.  I was Cruz’s Texas Chair.  But I have been very clear.  I support Donald Trump because we must defeat Hillary Clinton in November.”

Lt. Governor Patrick Statement on Voter ID Ruling

July 21, 2016

AUSTIN – Nothing is more critical to our democracy than the integrity of the voting process. Citizens must be able to trust the certified outcome of every election and we must protect the voting rights of every eligible voter in Texas. That’s why I co-authored the Voter ID bill as a state senator and why we passed the Voter ID legislation.

 I am deeply disappointed the Voter ID law was not upheld in its entirety by the court today. As the legal process moves forward on this important issue, voter integrity will remain a high priority for me and I am prepared to pass legislation to protect it.